Something happened when Luna turned one, it’s like she knows she into a new stage and you can see how the world opens up to her. She wants to be everywhere, taste everything, try everything. She doesn’t see any hurdles, the world is hers (just until mum or dad comes along and tells her NO!). It’s a great age, you can practically watch every new impression make it’s mark in her little face. I’d forgotten how great it is to see this everyday, I’d also forgotten it’s exhausting! For her taking it all in, and for us just making sure she simply doesn’t hurt herself.

I remembered this clip that was popular a while ago, a trailer for a short film by Johannes Nyholm. The behaviour is just spot on for this age (the scary thing is grownups behaving like this…). Give a glass of water or a plate of food to my little BamBam and this is her, just had to share!


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