Painting by fingers

Today when I picked up A. at daycare, they showed me her first painting. They had been painting today as they couldn’t go outside because of the rain. I loved painting as a kid and couldn’t wait to see A. get her hands dirty finger painting. I almost bought finger paint, but as I went to the cash register the shop owner said to me in a strict voice: “you know this is for children 3 years and over…” , freely translated in my head as “what a crap mother are you putting the life of your daughter in great danger!!” after which I put the paint down and humbly left the shop…

While holding this wet painting in my hand, I felt re-empowered, if daycare can do it, so can I! And if I start to feel really guilty, I found this great edible fingerpaint recipe online from Easie Peasie the Blog. Don’t they look fingerlicking good!



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