Enjoying those summer days

Our neighbours are here visiting (my brother-in-law with family), therefore it’s a lot of running from house to house. Eating here and there. Just lots going on! Great fun, specially for the kids. The cousins don’t get to meet all that often therefore the time they get together is so precious. It’s great to see the three of them together!

We’ve had good weather the last few days and we try to enjoy them all we can! There have been so few of them this summer! Here are some shots from a small island around here, Storbådan. We took our and grandpa’s boat the other day and spent most of the day there. Lovely! (well, except that it wasn’t optimal conditions for a 1-year old who of course doesn’t understand her limitations… but she slept part of the day so I could relax for a bit. She is so good with me :-))





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