5 things I never thought I’d appreciate

Since having kids, of course your life changes completely. You can’t imagine how much. Still, looking back I wonder how I spent my free time pre-kids. I don’t think I did that much… well, I read more books, watched more TV, more movies, spoke more on the phone…. but still, I don’t remember it being THAT much more. One thing you about being a parent is that you fine-tune your organizational and planning skills. Anyway, that’s a totally different post. What I wanted to share is this insight I had the other day while sitting in the loo (sorry if you are sensitive), with my one-year old banging on the unlocked door until my 4-year old let himself and his crying sister in to keep me company.

5 things I never thought I would appreciate!

  1. Ofcourse my nr.1 is: 5 minutes in the loo. Alone. In silence. Peace.
  2. To have a shower without anyone jumping in fully clothed. Showers are so underestimated! And of course, be able to take my time getting dressed.
  3. Going for a short run. Who would have thought?
  4. Jumping over meals when I feel like it. Not that it ever happened that often, but it feels like luxury to not think of what to eat at all for a change.  Just realised that if I need to make it five, I missed a more important point earlier. So, my new updated 4 is: Cleaning! I never thought I would pick up stuff at night, and feel good about it. Or stand in the kitchen before I go to bed lovingly scrubbing my hob just to mention a few examples. I’m anything but pedantic, I’m more of a let-it-be-until-it-annoys-me, but, my tolerance level gets lower and lower and I’m slowly becoming more and more like… my Mum! (I still have a bit to get to her level but, I guess by the time my kids hit their tweens, I might pretty well be there!)
  5. Sleeping more than 6 hours a night. Specially if I think of all the nights I wasted not sleeping in my 20’s! I wish there could be a sleep bank, where you could “save” any hours above the magic eight you sleep for the future. Oh, that would be so great!

What about you?


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