Pirate birthday party!

We celebrated Luca’s forth birthday last weekend with a pirate birthday party, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates party, as it’s one of his favourite TV shows at the moment. Guess you can also say it was the theme of most presents he got as well. He is now a well-kitted little pirate!

Here are some pictures. I made three cakes (I know, I panicked, thought we wouldn’t have enough and made an extra one). A blueberry and vanilla cake with yoghurt cream frosting (Jake), good but not amazing. A red velvet cake – that was my favourite! (unfortunately it was the ugliest cake), and the extra one – raspberry and dulce de leche cream with an Oreo topping. That was just improvisation but surprisingly tasty!


Further we served the blueberry macaroons, cinnamon buns, M&M cookies and another last minute hit, chocolate balls – a kids party classic. I don’t think anyone left here hungry 🙂

We have an old trunk that finally came to use (I’ve been trying to sell it with very little luck). We hid it behind our house and made a very amateurish treasure map for the kids to follow, in there we had candy bags with chocolate coins. A treasure! I got the impression that our little guests were kind of impressed. And we had a happy and content birthday boy! A good day!


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