The countdown has started…

Yes, it’s time for me to go back to work after almost 15 months at home (one waiting for little sister to arrive). It feels really weird, I both dread and long for the day to come. I like working, earning my own money, meeting other grown-ups and talk about grown-up stuff. Otherwise my favourite subjects are my kids, what they do, what they say, how they sleep, what they eat… you know, mummy stuff. Right now they are my whole life at moment I don’t have much more to distract me. And I’m starting to miss that, the more. But, I’m soo going to miss my babies (get all teary eyed just by thinking of being away from them most of the day five days a week).

Luna will be going to the same pre-school as Luca and I’m so pleased with them so luckily I don’t have the same fears I had when I had to leave Luca. Considering we don’t have the choice someone living in a city has, I think we pretty hit the jackpot. Luca really loves going there, kids are great, teachers are great and most importantly they really care. What else could a mum ask for? (well, if I’m really picky perhaps more inspiring interiors and Spanish lessons, but, you can’t have it all).

So, in a couple of week’s time, I will be re-joining the workforce. Wish me luck! The biggest challenge I don’t think will be adjusting the kids to full days at pre-school and me to full-time work. No, it’s the “life puzzle”. How do we ensure food is on the table by 17.30? and when do we do the housework? When do we sleep? When you get home after a long day at work you want to spend the two hours or so before they go to bed with them.

After being home with Luca we eventually got into an okay routine (I don’t think you can do better than okay, if you do, please let me know the secret!). The key word for us was PLANNING, the second most important word was ROUTINES.

So, it’s time to start planning everything. Starting Saturday, plan what we will eat for the week to come day by day. Go shopping for the whole week according to that. Prepare what you can the day before after the little ones fall asleep. If you can cook your meal the day before and just reheat for dinner the next day. Cook double the amount if it’s something you can freeze, then you have two dinners for the time of one. I’ve already started to think like that, the problem is though, that I’m still home for a few more weeks and I still need to eat lunch and dinner. So, we’ll see what’s in the freezer by the time I start.

Anyway, cleaning on Saturdays, picking and cleaning out the worse in the evenings. Laundry whenever we can fit it in. So, I think we can say good bye to TV and bad reality shows. Someone will, as planned, be dead tired and in bed by 22.00 o’clock.


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