Music Maestro!

Today was A.’s first music lesson at the Muziekschool Amsterdam. I myself would have never thought to enroll a 14 month year old in music lessons, but a friend gave me the tip. Her daughter really enjoyed it. So here I was on a Friday morning with 4 other moms & dads and their toddlers […]

Pampering Pancakes

The whole family was in the need for some comfort food today. So instead of the planned pasta, we made pancakes. Both A. & I loved it. How do we eat our pancakes? Well, with a specialty from my home region Limburg – Apple “stroop” or syrup (even though the texture is to thick to […]

Comfort food when the kids are sick

First week at work, and of course the kids get sick. Nothing serious, runny noses, cranky, sleepy. But still, sick enough to stay home. We try to share our “VABB” (it’s a term widely used by parents and our Försäkringskassan (our social insurance agency where we get our “sick pay” from) that very roughly translated […]

Eat Drink!

Months ago I bought a book Babytaal (baby signs). It’s about communicating with your baby using sign language. When I tried it A. was about 9 months, and me signing just resulted in laughter from her. These days A. points if she wants something. Easy if the object of her affection is in sight. Not […]