Bread = love?

You could wonder, the way I’ve been baking the last week! In six days five types of sourdough bread – Manhattan sourdough, rye sourdough with apples and walnuts, leveain of rye and levain of wheat, topped by ciabattas… You would think I don’t do anything else!

It’s like I suddenly realised I won’t be home as much, and I need to feel the freezer to compensate. As long as we have home made bread in the house, my spirit is in the house (even if no one else is). Or it will be like I’ve frozen a bit of my love just in case I forget some at work. Or something.

There is no logic to my behaviour, but it feels therapeutical. A bit like a reverse nesting period!

This is exactly how I started off my maternity leave – baking – and this is how I’ll finish it!



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