Marking the kids

Once the kids start pre-school/daycare, the marking begins. Everything needs to be marked. Not so much because someone might take your kids clothes home, but to make the teacher’s day a little bit easier. Imagine keeping track of 12-15 kids clothes! I think I would go crazy.

There are quite a few label companies, and basically they all supply pretty much the same thing – iron-on labels  with name and a little cute icon. I can’t say I tried them all, but I’ve tried a couple. And I’ll let you know which one I prefer. My winner is… tatatata… Stuck on you!

Why? Because they have the iron-on option and so many lovely styles to chose from! But, I don’t buy them, I get the simpler version, still cute, but for a change I’m not putting design first. In this case, I go totally for simple functionality. I choose the labels you also can just stick on. It’s quick. I put them on the little label inside with the washing instructions, and they STICK, even if I don’t iron them. They don’t come off after a couple of washes (that happened with other brands I tried even after ironing on). So, that’s why I prefer these. Lazy mum choice.

I also love that they have shoe stickers. Love those. Specially for winter shoes as they all tend to be very alike.

So, there you go. A product review totally for free!


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