Music Maestro!

Today was A.’s first music lesson at the Muziekschool Amsterdam. I myself would have never thought to enroll a 14 month year old in music lessons, but a friend gave me the tip. Her daughter really enjoyed it. So here I was on a Friday morning with 4 other moms & dads and their toddlers age 14 months to 2,5 years. Not really sure what to expect we took of our shoes (no shoes! – they should put that on their website I would have painted my toenails!), sat in a circle, and started to sing (I really have to start to practice my children’s songs…), dance, play with musical instruments.  The teacher integrated animals such as mice & ducks in the story – the kids loved it all. When we walked back to the car (yes I was lazy and took the car) A. get throwing her hands up in the air “screaming” yeahhhh! I interpret that as a successful lesson.

The school was nice enough to give us a hand-out of the songs to learn. Guess I have some homework to do!


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