Moi? The home-shopping-party type?!

Well, apparently I am. Somehow, it’s something I rather not admit I do, not in public. I know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! But still, it’s almost like it’s not the right way of shopping according to the shopping-function of my brain. There isn’t the “carry-multiple bags” part, nor the “run-around-ten-different-H&M’s-or-Zara’s-(or anyother chain)-looking-for […]

Shuffle the Table

I love design. I love to wander in design shops. Never get bored. My #1 favorite is The Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam. I cannot pass it without entering. R. shares my love and often joins me. On one trip we came across the Shuffle Table  from Mia Hamborg. For me instant crush. I looked, admired, and played […]

Is the grass really greener?

I’m the kind of person that always thinks the grass is greener somewhere else. So much, that sometimes I forget that my grass is really green enough. Luckily I eventually always come to this conclusion. One of the biggest challenges after having kids, I’ve found, is accepting that my time isn’t only mine anymore. It’s […]

Basics with lovely prints for the little ones – Little Elephant for Lindex

Yes, I can’t help treating my kids like live dolls when it comes to clothes. Dressing them up is just fun! And they look damn cute! The latest in my “must have” list are the items below from Lindex latest collaboration (a few weeks back they released their Missoni collection for mums and children – […]