Touring the town

This morning our whole neighborhood had a power outage. With no electricity at home we decided to bring A. to daycare and afterwards treat ourselves to a nice coffee in a neighborhood that does have power.  What better way to start the day with a fresh cup of cappuccino.  By the time R. got back from bringing A. to daycare the power was already back on, but we grew fond of the idea of treating ourselves to a coffee & croissant around the corner. As the power was back on, we didn’t have to leave our neighborhood to find fresh coffee. As we sat with our coffee & croissant, great view of the street, newspapers to read, chatting away, my eye caught a familiar face out on the street. A. was making a little “trip” with her class. We observed from inside how she sat in the front seat, touring the city, her superwhite blonde hair in the wind. Curious where their trip went to, sure we’ll find out when we pick her up.

Below a picture from the daycare buggy. Parents & kids are from the catalogue, no relation to us.

Bambini Fat tire Bye Bye Buggy




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