Dinnertime is always a bit of a spectacle. The first months A. sat (fairly) quiet in her high chair while we cooked & introduced all new flavors. She loved them all and ate them happily. We were such good parents. As she grows bigger, her will grows stronger, and dinner time becomes more of a challenge.

It starts with A. getting hungry. Before we’d look at the clock and think “time for dinner”. Nowadays A. walks to the kitchen, grabs her bib, walks to the living room (ok it is all in the same space but we like to give the spaces different functions) climbs her high chair, sits in it – or climbs on top of the table… – and ‘demands’ food. Somedays she ‘ll let us feed her with a fork or spoon, other days she refuses fiercely and tries (definitely tries seeing the huge piles of food on the floor) to feed herself with a spoon or fork or even better – and more effective- with her hands.

I wasn’t keen on her eating with her hands. As I was making a list in my head of ’10 ways to stop my daughter from eating with her hands, and make her a perfect sit right eat nice princess’, I figured that before I’d do that it might be handy to inform how they eat their pasta or rice lunch at daycare. Indeed with their hands. As it would be far to confusing to have different food rules at home & daycare, I could relax and just watch A. dive into her food. According to the NY Times it is quite trendy these days to eat with your hands. What unexpected trendsetters we are. Recently she has added licking her plate to her dinner ritual. Not quite sure yet what to make of that…

But we’ve made some progress on her social skills. Before when she was no longer hungry, but still had food on her plate – the atrocity! – it would most likely be thrown on the floor. Nowadays, she feeds it to me, with a big smile, her own leftover mom.



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