Mum = Superwoman

I sometimes wonder about this, yes, seriously. I think most people look back and wonder what they did on their free-time before they have kids. I have no idea. It felt like I had lots going on, but I guess I just didn’t know any better. Now, I wonder if women become superwomen after they become mums.

I’m working again, and this question arises more often. Even if I live in a country that’s very much into gender-equality (still has a bit to go, but in comparisons to other countries I’m well aware we’re not doing that bad) and dads are very much present.

Still these thoughts comes up when I speak to women friends and colleagues, or just by contemplating on what I’ve managed to do on one day. I often still have about 10 more things I would have liked to do by the time I go to bed. It’s just so easy to not count the obvious – the cooking, the making of a grocery list, hanging and folding the wash, planning what to eat and what to wear, pack the bags for pre-school with extra clothes, bathing the kids, cutting their nails. making sure there always is paracetamol for kids and nasal drops just in case…Look at this list! And this doesn’t even mention going to work, getting a shower or even making myself presentable! This is something most of us do it everyday!

Well done us!

(With this I don’t want to forget all dads that are supermen for doing a lot of the above, for instance, my husband has the responsibility of bringing the kids to pre-school and picking them up, and preparing for dinnertime. I do believe though that most mums take on the role of family VP. It’s ok if you don’t agree, honey)


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