What to wear…

This weekend I was cleaning up my closet and came across a pair of pyjamas I especially bought for giving birth to A. It made me smile and reminisce.

As my due date was approaching I started, like almost any woman,  nesting & preparing for giving birth.  One day the “what to wear when giving birth” crossed my mind. ‘Comfort’ was high on my wish list, but for some reason ‘pretty’ was on that list as well. As with all life questions I consulted Google and so I discovered there was a whole clothing line for this event. If you want to check – DearJohnnies.com , BabyBeMine.com or my favorite title wise PrettyPushers.com. Not quite convinced about my discovery, I turned to my next (often even a much better) source, friends with children. They have children, so they must know these answers. I whatsapped Paula my question “what to wear when giving birth”, and I guess I can best sum up her response as “lots of laughter”. Followed with the advice – comfortable, be prepared it gets really messy, and easy to take off. Hmmm… there goes my image of me in a pretty outfit, lip glossed, hair combed, looking all serene, holding a pretty pink baby girl. Obviously I could not resist to go out and shop a look that was a right mix of the above elements, comfort, easy & pretty.

So yesterday I was folding up my giving birth outfit and it made me smile. Smile for all the beautiful memories? Nope. For the fact that I’ve never worn it. A. delivery went so fast – 1 hour from the first contraction to giving birth – that we never got around to “changing into something comfortable” . I was still half dressed in my daily clothes. There was also definitely no lipgloss involved. Sweaty & exhausted like I just ran a marathon (I can imagine) would be a much better description, incredibly happy & a beautiful pink baby girl – Yes!







One thought on “What to wear…

  1. I remember you asking! Sorry to have ruined your birth fantasy 🙂 My first time I didn’t even wear my own clothes until the day we left the hospital 5 days later. Well, same the second time, but then we left the next day 🙂

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