Light Domestic Chores

A. has a light diaper rash, as there is no better remedy for diaper rash as no diaper, I figured I would let her play diaperless in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. She was happily playing with her bath toys (which turn out to be loads of fun also outside of the bath), so I went to the bedroom to change and fold laundry and let her play a bit longer. Suddenly she walks into the room. Starts looking around in my closet, takes of with my sweater, back to the bathroom. Curious as I am where my sweater and A. are going, I follow them. Only to find A. sitting on her knees cleaning up her pee – with my sweater – the risk of diaperless moments. But A. cleaning? Is this what The Wonder Weeks (In Dutch better known as “Oei Ik Groei”mean by “babies start to take an interest in light domestic chores from the age of 12 months.” Hmm, honey I know your dad would agree that that sweater looks like a cloth, but please use a real cloth next time.


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