Daycare Calling

One of my most dreaded things is a phone call from Daycare. When I see their name pop-up in my iPhone the world stops and I answer immediately. As there is one thing you know for sure, they never call just to share with you what a fun time A. is having playing with the other kids. It is garanteed bad news.  The question is how bad is the news.

So it happened this afternoon. I was on the phone to my friend T. when I had a call waiting from daycare. I immediately switched. M., a wonderful daycare teacher, was on the other line: “A. fell when playing outside…”. “Ok” I answer, while I think continue, continue, you cannot just call me to tell me she fell. She falls all the time. She’s a toddler. M. continues – “…and she has some wounds on her nose and forehead”. Ok painful but still does not sound like an emergency… “She’s not bleeding anymore and she continued playing happily”, M. continues. Ok, it sounds like everything is under control. My adreneline level goes down (slowly).  M. tells me not to worry, they’ll have lunch now and than a nap. She assures me and tells me it’s standard protocol to inform the parents when their child falls and is hurt. Sounds wise. I ask her to call me if anything changes.

As I hang up the phone I wonder if I’m not too relaxed. Just to be sure I quickly pop my head around the corner at daycare. In the meantime, M. already sent me a picture of A. with her bandaid on her forehead. Her first bandaid.



One thought on “Daycare Calling

  1. Ahh! Just experienced this today! Our little rock-climber fell and hurt her nose. Nothing bad, but still daddy had to go and take her out for a bit for some patch-work… that after falling twice this w/e and having nose bleed plus burning herself in the palm of her hand on the fireplace. And today they have their portrait photos taken! At least she looked cute in her Missoni 🙂

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