Moi? The home-shopping-party type?!

Well, apparently I am. Somehow, it’s something I rather not admit I do, not in public. I know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! But still, it’s almost like it’s not the right way of shopping according to the shopping-function of my brain. There isn’t the “carry-multiple bags” part, nor the “run-around-ten-different-H&M’s-or-Zara’s-(or anyother chain)-looking-for one-item-I’ve-seen-in-a-magazine-and-when-I-find-it-doesn’t-fit-my-body-type” or the sweating part (yes, I sweat when I shop, when I really shop, it’s like a good workout).

Anyway, this year I’ve hosted two home-parties, and I must say I’m kind of hooked. I get it now. If anything, it’s even more dangerous than an afternoon in town. Simply because you are extremely comfortable at your own or a friend’s house; you are drinking coffee, eating something nice to go with it, and chatting away. You try stuff on, look, feel, think,choose, think again and because it feels like this is the only chance, you fill in your form and order for a little bit more you thought you would. What the heck! The bill isn’t due to be payed until in a month and a half! Home-party, yay!!

Then a week or so later, the package arrives. Did I really order all this?? Apparently so. To be honest, haven’t sent anything back yet. It’s all been ok, and most of all I shop for the kids. The brand I party with is Me and I. They do good-quality stuff, that is cute (in my opinion) and practical for daycare. I know some stuff can be a little bit too much, and if you aren’t into 70’s and 80’s inspired colours and prints, this is not for you.

So there, my secret is out. I like home-shopping-parties and I stand for it!



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