Yes, yes, yes …. No!

A. has mastered two new words – Yes & No. We contribute these new words, and more importantly the comprehension of the words, to a book I bought for her last week Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill. In the book Spot’s mum searches everywhere for little Spot. To find him you have to lift the flaps. It goes a bit like this. I  ask: “Is Spot in the closet?”, I open the flap of the closet door, we see a bear (for those of you who do not know Spot, he’s a puppy) So A. answers: “Nooooo!”. “Is Spot in the piano?” – “Nooooo!” Etcetera. Until we find Spot – “Yes!”

Little did we know how often we would hear the word “No” from now on. Me trying to put on her hat – “no, no, no”, buckle her up in the buggy “no, no, no”, A. throwing food on the floor “no, no, no” (yet she still does it…). Luckily it is met with some very enthusiastic yesses. More banana? – “yes, yes, yes”, Milk? – “yes, yes, yes”, Go outside? – “yes, yes, yes”, Mom big kiss? – “YESSSSS!


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