So long 2012, Hello 2013!

So, what is the best way to summarize my 2012? To be honest I can’t really say! It went by so quickly!

I feel really old saying that – that’s what I always thought older people said “the year just flew by”, “look how much you’ve grown”, now I’m a parent of two and one of them. It’s amazing how my little one’s have grown this year and I look so much forward to see how they develop in the year to come.

2012 was also the year I went back to work. It felt good, I think I’m one of those persons that need to work. I love being at home, but I enjoy it more when I know I also get to go to work.

Unfortunately, going back to work is also a challenge. Luckily, our kids love pre-school. Because there’s enough logistics to figure out as it is. There is also some pressure at work, expectations, my mum-self wanting different things than my me-self or even my professional-self. Not easy keeping them all happy.

Guess finding a balance on the above made me put on the post-baby weight back on. There is nothing like putting a cookie in your mouth when you’re feeling a little bit stressed, instant comfort. So, here is a proposition for 2013 – get back into shape! again! No high expectations, I don’t want to run a marathon. But be a healthier me.

Then there is Avalunas. Obviously, I enjoy this but haven’t been around as much as I liked. So I hope to write here at least once a month. That I should be able to handle.

So, Happy New Year! Hope to see you around!

Here is picture as a reminder that spring and summer is on it’s way! (I’m not a winter-person)




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