Blogfavourite – Minimalist Baker

Blogfavourite – Minimalist Baker

Another blog favourite of mine is minimalist baker. They come up with the weirdest stuff but it just sounds delicious! What about sweet potato chips dipped in chocolate? Why not! On my to do list to try out!

Today I’m trying out another healthier sweet – Babycakes NYC apple pie.

Yessss! Appetite is back after a visit of the stomach flu fairy (to make it sound a little bit more pleasant). So far, 3 out of 4 in the family have fallen. Hopefully the fact that me and Luna have been ill twice can make up for the fourth member getting away. I certainly hope so, because in 5 days we are off on holiday! Can’t wait to leave all the winteroveralls, the cold and most of all the darkness for two whole weeks! yay!


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