New cooking friends

I’m always trying out new products and I guess I’m not very consistent in my direction… right now I have two new darlings in the kitchen that are quite the opposites…

no.1 I present you with Grasse au canard (duck fat). A tablespoon of this will totally lift your oven roasted potatoes (parsnips, sweet potatoes and carrots too for that matter). A bit ironic considering I’m always cutting around the fat on any meet. Nothing for the vegetarians or vegans out there.

grasse de canard

no.2 Coconut oil. Purchased in my attempt to more healthy baking. Is actually really nice, tasty and versatile! Good for baking, in smoothies etc. Yum!

coconut oil


2 thoughts on “New cooking friends

  1. I just saw the coconut oil. I love the coconut grease as well. Especially for baking pancakes and bananas. It’s also supposed to help with diaperrash but haven’t yet dared use it on A.

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