Sew it up!

Our neighborhood is blessed with a very talented cutter/coupeuse who sells great scarfs and does most of the costumes for the Dutch Opera & National Ballet – Marita Schoonheijm. One day we got talking, I complimented her on her skills and mentioned that my sewing skills were nonexistent.  She offered the perfect solution to that, even though up to that point I never missed my nonexistent sewing skills, I should take a course with her. And so it happened that I find myself  every other Tuesdaynight behind a sewing machine. I am definitely no natural, precision is apparently a  valued skills for sewing straight lines, but after each lesson my skills have somewhat improved. A. now has a painting-apron (small steps…), and I am now working on an actual dress for her. For a minute I thought about trimming my too long Paul Smith dress, but figured some items should be left to more experienced hands – luckily there are plenty of sewing shops around! 



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