Bye bye beloved dummies!

Dummies, I must admit that they have made our life a lot easier. Almost a little too easy, at times they felt like a lifesaver, what kept our children on the right side of the edge for just the right amount of seconds. But, there is a moment when somehow you just reach the point where you see that they don’t help anymore. Instead it becomes yet a reason for a tantrum or a power struggle, an unnecessary one. It’s just time to move on. It’s a bit special, the dummy is a baby accessory and getting rid of them is almost like really acknowledging that our baby is growing up. As a parent I struggle with those feelings all the time, I want my babies small at the same time as it’s such a joy to see them grow.

For me the dummy is therefore really symbolic, and therefore the getting rid of the dummies is symbolic too and needs a ritual. When Luca was almost three we went to Stockholm to my parents for Easter so we figured that it was a good time to do it – get rid of them and then drive off!

We made a whole thing out of it. We gathered the dummies,  he decided that we would post them to the “baby deers”, so we did. He made a picture on the envelope and we wrote: The Deers, In the Forest, Järnäsklubb, Sweden. And then off we went to Stockholm! It wasn’t bad at all. He mentioned them once in the car when he was tired and that was the last thing we heard of the dummies.

Now it was time for Luna, also almost three (feels fair they’re the same age). She has used them more, so I expected trouble. But, she too helped gathering them all,  put them in a little box. Choose a wrapping paper and went out to the forest on the back of our house and chose a place to leave them for the baby lamms and baby deers.

She has mentioned them a couple of times, but then we remind them that she gave them away and then she is happy that the small babies have them now. Because she’s a big girl (my baby!). Then we celebrated with pink ice-cream (her choice) and today both had a nice surprise – in the same spot where she left the package the Easter Bunny left some eggs for her and Luca. Joy! (The lamms and deers will also send her a princess crown as a thank you next week :-))

Happy Easter!



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