The miracle of life

So I haven’t been posting a lot. Basically because the last year has been all about babies & pregnancy.

After A. we decided we’d love for her to have a brother or sister only it proved to be quite a ride.

We jumped with joy when we learned right after A.’s first birthday that I was pregnant again.

Only to learn 10 weeks later that the heart stopped beating.

Ok, that happens. Next time will be better. I am 36 (now 37 but whose counting… ) so we can expect some challenges.

Little did we know that 2012 & 2013 would be a sequence of positive pregnancy tests, ultrasounds with heartbeats, morning sickness, followed by ultrasounds without heartbeats, numerous visits to the hospitals, tests, surgeries, statistics, and hormones flying through the roof.

And then on August 31 2013 again a positive test. Fourth in a row. Nauseous not from morning sickness but from joy combined with fear. You want to be happy, but do you dare. How long will happiness last this time – 4 weeks, 8, 12 or maybe, hopefully the full nine months. Well not the full nine months – but 34 weeks was enough. Guess our girl knew how excited we are for her, so she surprised us with an early visit. Hello Faye – we’ve been expecting you. A. is thrilled to have a little sis.




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