Tutu Thursday

Thursday is tutu day. Pink tutu day to be exact.

At 9:15 AM A. has toddler dance. So on Thursday morning I am always rushing across town to be on time at danspeuterdans. A. is always very excited. But it is not only the class that gets her excited. There is something – if not more – that gets her jumping.

The classes are taught at the Kinderkookcafe (Childrens Cooking Cafe). In this cafe kids can ‘make’ their own food. One option – the one which A. loves – is to decorate your own cupcake.  So on our way over the negotiations already start. “So mom if I dance really well can I have a cupcake, with the candies, and the scissors”. Yes the cupcake comes with scissors to cut the candy, a paintbrush to add icing all available at the help-yourself-bar. (Isn’t it great when they put all those things kids want at a level they can easily reach…). When her class ends she, and the rest of her class, storm out to the help-yourself-bar to make cupcakes. Saying “no” is almost impossible. So this is what we do on Thursday mornings. Eat cupcakes in pink tutus surrounded by many many more tutus. Luckily when she’s dancing mom can enjoy a coffee in the Vondelpark.



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