Tutu Thursday

Thursday is tutu day. Pink tutu day to be exact. At 9:15 AM A. has toddler dance. So on Thursday morning I am always rushing across town to be on time at danspeuterdans. A. is always very excited. But it is not only the class that gets her excited. There is something – if not […]

The miracle of life

So I haven’t been posting a lot. Basically because the last year has been all about babies & pregnancy. After A. we decided we’d love for her to have a brother or sister only it proved to be quite a ride. We jumped with joy when we learned right after A.’s first birthday that I […]

Hello Mama!

A. is in her greeting phase. She says hi to everybody & everything. It cracks me up. I hear her walking through the house : “hallo mama, he papa, hallo auto, hallo opa” or at complete strangers in the street “hallo, hallo, hallo” – just as long until they respond. Hello! Hello! Hello!


Last year I entered a sweepstake on Culy.nl and won a cookbook “Het Snelle Taart(en)boek”, freely translated as the quick cake/tart book. Subtitle: American Style! No mixer, dishes or fuzz. As our house is stacked with cookbooks, I hadn’t yet come around to baking from this one, but last Saturday we got some last-minute friends visiting […]