Music Maestro!

Today was A.’s first music lesson at the Muziekschool Amsterdam. I myself would have never thought to enroll a 14 month year old in music lessons, but a friend gave me the tip. Her daughter really enjoyed it. So here I was on a Friday morning with 4 other moms & dads and their toddlers […]

Sunday lunch

A kids walhalla for lunch/dinner is Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam, an old pumping station. The menu is French bistro style, with something for everybody’s likes. From lobster to hamburger with fries. They have also great Fruit de Mer. The space has high-ceilings, big open dining area, and enough distance between the tables (for strollers and the […]

I <3 Bread

I love bread. A Dutch lunch typically consists out of bread with cheese (go figure), meat, sweets or a combination. When I moved to Amsterdam it surprised me that there were so few places that sell good bread. Good bread is 100% subjective, I know. Two years ago I discovered the Gebroeders Niemeijer. They love […]